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Product and Demo Videos

Buyers will always demand the fastest, easiest, and most enjoyable way to learn about a product. Today it's video. Tomorrow it'll be experiences that they can interact with, control, and form quick decision around.

Product Videos

The Age of Product & Demo Videos

Product & demo videos have undeniably been proven to be one of the easiest, fastest and most enjoyable ways for buyers to learn about a product and make a purchase decision.

When first introduced, product videos transformed the marketing industry. Text and images quickly became boring, requiring too much time and effort to understand a product and differentiate it from others. Marketers that did not adopt video quickly lost out to those that did.

The New Age of Interactivity

With the acceleration of the Product-Led Growth (PLG) strategy, product videos will also quickly become a thing of the past - and this is coming from a team who has produced high-fidelity product videos for over 20 years!

Buyers just don’t have the time to sit through a two minute product video. If a video doesn’t resonate with every single person from the very beginning, they will likely lose interest before it does.

Even if a video did resonate, people are sensitive to claims that just sound too good to be true. They want to interact and play with a product so they can make their own conclusions.

Today, buyers want full control over the buying experience.

I get it, that’s not easy to provide with a complex product that requires guidance and a controlled demo environment.

The Answer to New Buyer Demands

We built ScreenSpace so you can create interactive, choose-your-own-adventure product experiences where your customers can interact with your product right on your website and self-guide themselves directly to what matters..

More importantly, we want you to control the experience yourself so you can optimize performance with confidence, play with dynamic storytelling, and ultimately connect the dots back to your own vision.

Which is why, unlike video, ScreenSpace requires zero experiences and almost no production time. It is entirely drag-and-drop and uses your existing content like product screenshots and marketing graphics and messaging. You can even break up your existing product videos into bite size pieces and deliver them only to relevant buyers.

The Product-Led Growth revolution is here, and like video a few years ago, if you do not adopt interactive product experiences into your marketing strategy, you will quickly lose out to those that do.

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Introducing Interactive Product Experiences
Immersive, lightweight product tours & demos that blend the engagement & storytelling of video with the interactivity & exploration of product demos into an experience that self-guides leads to their 'wow' moment.
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An interactive product video

ScreenSpace choose-your-own-adventure experiences makes your product easy to understand and exciting through non-linear storytelling and captivating visuals. No production process required.
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A value-based demo experience

ScreenSpace IPX allows your customers to interact with and explore your product in an exciting way while continuously connecting-the-dots to value they actually care about.
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A guide your users won't skip

ScreenSpace IPX guides your users through your product in a way that lets your audience decide their path and provides a stunning experience that puts a smile on their face. They may even want to explore the experience twice!
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IPX Comparison Cheat Sheet

  • TLDR
  • Immersive choose-your-own-adventure experiences that let users interact with your product and explore value and dynamic content inside a 3D environment.
    An explainer video that demonstrates the features and benefits of a product through linear visual & auditory storytelling.
  • Applications
  • • All digital products
    • All digital products
  • Use Cases
  • • Brand awareness
    • Product excitement
    • Self-service product demos
    • Live demo environments
    • In-app product onboarding
    • Product training
    • More...
    • Brand awareness
    • Product excitement
    • Product training
  • Quality
  • • Always production-quality
    • Guaranteed stability and consistency across experiences
    • Uses reliable high-resolution screen captures
    • Built using state-of-the-art WebGL 3D technology
    • Designed and built by industry-leading 3D and 2D artists
    • Dependent on budget, resources, and time
    • Can easily jeopardize perceived product quality
  • Time & Resources
  • • No technical or creative experience required
    • 100% drag-and-drop interface
    • Can be completely built and managed by one product marketer
    • Can utilize existing rich content
    • Getting up and running can take less than one hour
    • Requires extensive video experience
    • Requires expensive resources
    • Requires weeks of time and energy to create and keep relevant
    • Getting up and running can take weeks
  • Fallbacks
  • • Invite only... for now!
    • Expensive
    • Time consuming
    • Can only tell one story
    • Quickly lose customer interest if not delivering the right message
    • Does not provide actionable insights

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