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Let our award-winning creative team
handcraft scalable product videos for your brand.

Whether you need a promo video for an upcoming launch or an on-going dedicated motion team, we've got you covered. We help you create powerful and scalable product videos from your screen captures, images, and video assets using art direction, design & animation.
  • Promo Videos
  • Hype Videos
  • Walkthroughs
  • Training Videos
  • Client Presentations
  • Story & Flow Presentations
We don't just create one-off videos. We provide scalable smart templates using the ScreenSpace Platform allowing you to continuously create variations, edits, and additional visual content in minutes.
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Videos Built by ScreenSpace Creative

Here are just a few examples of videos produced by our ScreenSpace Team

Project-by-Project Video Services

Have a specific vision in mind for your launch video or need to create a fully-produced video training series with voiceover? Our full-service production team can handle everything from ideation through execution.

Streamlined Process

Creative Brief

We kick-off with a creative call to discuss your unique brand, video goals, timeline, and budget.

Asset / Script Creation

Screen captures, music, script (if needed), voiceover talent, and other visual assets are created & sourced.

Storyboard & Design

Using the provided assets, our team creates an animated storyboard with style frames for approval.


Once the storyboards, timing, and visuals are approved, our team will produce the final video.


We deliver everything from animated GIFs to industry-standard 2k video files as well as all ScreenSpace projects and templates.
Pricing starts at $1,500 per project and scales based on your needs and budget. The initial creative call is free so pick a time that works best for you and we'll get started!

Full-Service Dedicated Motion Team

The idea of a remote dedicated motion team might be a new concept for most businesses, however our team has been acting as motion and VFX departments for some of the top tech companies and production studios for over 15 years.

What exactly does this mean? Think of us as an extension to your in-house creative team. We can champion full video projects, help with overflow or design custom ScreenSpace smart templates that can be distributed to your team.

Everything we create is built with the intention to scale. We don’t cut corners to produce content that works for just one project. Every step is taken so we can re-purpose, revise, and expand your creative instantly and efficiently.

How does it work?

1. We start by setting your team up with an enterprise account.
2. You'll then receive an invite to a shared Slack Channel, Frame.io Workspace (for video feedback & approval), and Google Drive Folder for asset sharing.
3. Your monthly allocated hours only go towards actual production work. All creative chats are on the house!

Don't have the internal bandwidth to execute on video or motion needs? Let's chat!

Frequently Asked Questions