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👋 Hi! We're ScreenSpace co-founders Darren and Adam (a.k.a. the "Fanton Twins").

Our shared passion for visual storytelling (and making people smile) led us to start our award-winning visual effects and animations studio.

For 20 years we had the honor of delighting audiences of millions with visionary partners at Disney, ABC, DreamWorks, and Electronic Arts, and brilliant storytellers at Uber, Google, and Meisterlabs.

It was our clients that led us to discover our why: to empower people to shine.

And it was their clients that inspired us to discover our mission: to remove all creative, technical, and emotional barriers so people can achieve their full creative potential, unlocking the same for their audiences, and their audiences.

So we decided to share our unique experience in entertainment and visual storytelling with the world of product marketing, sales, and education.

A world whose audience is quickly - and drastically - shifting. Whose audience is anything but captive, always has their guard up, and craves personalized experiences that instantly bring excitement and value to their lives.

Product marketing, sales, and success teams must quickly adopt new ways of storytelling in order to win the hearts of their ever-changing audience.

We are here to help these storytellers shine – so their vision, and their product's value, are realized and understood by every single customer. And that shared joy and success is not just validated, but can be connected directly back to the storyteller's efforts.

Our product experience platform is just the first chapter of our story – and we can’t wait to see how it elevates yours.

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