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ScreenSpace | Platform

The only mockup & product video creation platform built by industry-leading creatives

5.0 out of 20 reviews
“I can't recommend it highly enough for video producers, marketers, entrepreneurs and generally any app/software companies looking to add some polish to their video marketing and product presentation.”

Create professional videos in less
than 10 minutes, and for a fraction of the cost!

See what you can build all online with the ScreenSpace Platform
  • Meistertask - Promo Video The Macbook Pro animations were created using ScreenSpace Studio. Additional 3D elements were added using the AE Camera Exporter.
  • MLS - Promo Video All device animations were created in ScreenSpace Studio, with the environment built in After Effects using the AE Camera exporter and alpha renders.
  • UserReplay - Promo Video The entire UserPlay video was created using a ScreenSpace Promo template.

Studio Quality. Without The Studio.

The ScreenSpace Platform enables anyone on your team to easily create stunning 3D mockups and product videos that out-pace high-end visual effects shops in a matter of minutes. ScreenSpace automatically applies professional-grade detail to your renders so they're ready for everything from client proposals to major brand campaigns.

It's so easy! Start with a smart template or blank canvas, select a device, upload your screen captures, customize the design, and hit “Render” — our platform automatically applies professional-grade detail to your renders so they're ready for everything from client proposals to major brand campaigns.

  • Broadcast Ready
  • Point & Click Interface
  • No Editing Required

Three Apps. Three Solutions.

Choose from one of our three products.
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  • Pixel-perfect mockups. Exactly how you want them.
  • Choose from over a dozen 3D devices, upload your screen capture, and position the device exactly how you want it — from any angle. Your renders are processed on our state-of-the-art cloud GPU render farm ensuring broadcast-level lighting and shading in beautiful 2K.
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  • Stunning 3D product videos that out-pace high-end visual effects shops.
  • Our intuitive editor strips away the complexities of 3D animation, giving you the power to effortlessly create mind-blowing studio-quality 3D product videos that would take the most seasoned Cinema 4D artists hours to nail down.
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  • Studio-quality promo videos from smart templates.
  • Create promo videos for your apps with just a few clicks. Includes artist-designed smart templates for 5s, 15s, 30s, and 60s promo videos – just upload your screen captures, customize the design, and hit render. No video experience required.
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Next-Generation Render Engine

The ScreenSpace Render Engine utilizes the latest in cloud-based GPU technology used by top visual effects studios. This ensures that every render lives up to the highest quality standards – even if you are simply rendering an image for Instagram.
  • GPU Accelerated
  • Cloud-Based Processing
  • Quality Consistency

Unparalleled Quality.

The ScreenSpace Render Engine is built to broadcast TV standards (even if all you need is a 15 second video for a Product Hunt launch). Every render is completed on our cloud render farm where we guarantee fast renders and strict agency-level quality standards. This is why Uber, Google, Microsoft, StubHub, and other companies trust renders from ScreenSpace.
  • Photo-Realistic Shading
  • Studio-Level Cloud Rendering
  • Production Quality 3D Assets

Introducing Smart Templates

Our smart templates are designed by leading creative artists & agencies. Simply select a template, upload a screen capture, choose a device from over a dozen options, customize the design and hit “Render.” No editing required.
  • Custom Rendered
  • Designed by Creatives
  • Fully Customizable

Complete Creative Control.

Need a video built from scratch? ScreenSpace strips away all complexities of 3D animation so your team can focus entirely on creative. Our intuitive editor gives anyone the freedom to effortlessly pull off simple or complex custom animations in seconds.
  • Keyframing
  • Timeline Editor
  • Camera Easing
  • Pro Presets

Designed for Speed and Efficiency.

Need to produce a video within a couple hours? No problem. With our real-time editing interface, your team can create 3D product videos in a matter of minutes rather than days. Every render is handled by our cloud render farm — guaranteeing lightning-fast processing times in 2k without locking your team members out from their computer or the editor.
  • Real-time Interactivity
  • Reliable Cloud Rendering
  • Smooth Playback

Enterprise Collaboration Tools.

Video and marketing teams can create custom single and multi-shot templates for seamless distribution across teams. Manage shared assets between teams and control user access and restrictions.
  • Effortless Template Creation
  • Shot Collaboration
  • Multi-Team Management

Seamless integrations.

Want to push it one step further? Expand the possibilities by integrating device renders into a professional workflow using the included 3D After Effects camera and alpha channel support.
  • Add 3D Titles with AE Camera Export
  • Render with Transparent Backgrounds
  • Add Additional 3D Elements

Integrated Creative Services.

Love the platform but need a little creative direction? Our award-winning creative team can help get you started or create custom templates for you. Use the in-app messenger to start a live chat with our creative team.
  • Custom Template Creation
  • Full Production Services
  • On-going Dedicated Creative Services
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Get started today!

The ScreenSpace Platform includes a 7-day free trial and takes 30 seconds to register. Or schedule a free creative call with our award-winning creative team to start your custom project.

Industry-leading security.

We maintain the highest standards to protect your work.


AWS S3 security and encryption safeguard users’ content and data.


Log-in only sharing and access control ensure that only authorized users can access your media.

Optimized for

NVIDIA & ATI/AMD Graphics Cards

Recommended GPU Specs

For ideal performance we recommend at least a GeForce GTX 660 or AMD 7850 -Minimum 1GB of VRAM
[ Checkout out the supported GPU list ]

Frequently Asked Questions