Create studio quality 3D device videos
— in minutes.

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This entire cover video was animated in less than 5 minutes and rendered in 4k in 12 minutes

3D device videos for motion designers

ScreenSpace turns any talented motion designer into a 3D artist without having to hire expensive outside help — immediately allowing you to offer your clients stunning product videos that out-pace high-end visual effects shops.
  • Deliver ahead of schedule
  • Stay under budget
  • No revision limits

Complete creative control.

ScreenSpace strips away all complexities of 3D animation so you can focus entirely on creative.

Our intuitive editor gives you the freedom to effortlessly pull off movements that would take the most seasoned Cinema 4D artists hours to nail down.

  • Keyframing
  • Timeline Editor
  • Pro Presets
  • Camera Easing

Work faster than ever.

Deliver ahead of schedule and under budget. With our real-time editing interface, you can create 3D device videos in a matter of minutes rather than days. Every render is handled by our cloud render farm — guaranteeing lightning-fast processing times in 4k without locking you out from your computer or the scene editor.
  • Real-time Interactivity
  • Fast Cloud Rendering
  • Smooth Playback

Unlimited revisions.

Missed a detail in a render or a client needs changes? No problem. You have unlimited render revisions available to you with every premium ScreenSpace plan.
  • ProRes 4444 and MP4 Codecs
  • 4k Video Resolution
  • Easily Share Renders

Seamless integrations.

Expand the possibilities by integrating your device renders into your professional workflow using an included 3D After Effects camera and alpha channel support.
  • Add 3D Titles with AE Camera Export
  • Render with Transparent Backgrounds
  • Add Additional 3D Elements
No credit card required

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Sign-up is free and takes under 30 seconds. Create unlimited watermarked videos and still images with a free account. Pay only when you need to render without watermark on unlimited projects.
  • Fast cloud rendering
  • HD images for client proposals
  • Unlimited preview videos

Reduce Hard Costs

The rate for an experienced 3D artist starts at $2,500/week for one project - and generally requires two to three weeks with revisions. But with ScreenSpace you can complete unlimited projects yourself in less time for a fraction of that cost.
Up to 94% cheaper
Freelance 3D Artist
$2,500/week x 2-3 weeks

One unlimited subscription plan. That simple.

Unlimited 4k renders. Unlimited projects. Unlimited HD images.
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 5 Collaborators Per Project
  • Alpha Support
  • AE Camera Export
  • ProRes 4444 and MP4 Codecs
  • AWS S3 Security & Encryption
  • App Integration
  • Realtime Animation Editing
  • Fast Cloud Rendering
  • Sharing Tools
  • Chat / Email Support
No credit card required
For phone support, enterprise security options, branded UI, and more, please contact sales.

Trusted Payment Methods.

We accept a wide range of payment methods, including international.

100% Royalty Free.

Every unwatermarked video or still you create belongs to you. No licensing or royalty fees.

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Built by Creatives

We’ve spent over 10 years specializing in visual effects and motion design for some of America’s top-rated TV shows, including American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, Master Chef, and more. But our passion has always been working in the tech industry.

We built an internal tool that allowed us to streamline the process of creating 3D environments around screen captures, with zero drop in quality. And now those tools are available to everyone through ScreenSpace.

Adam Fanton
Darren Fanton