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Keep your shiny new users engaged (and your support team happy) by painlessly incorporating on-brand product videos through-out your onboarding, drip campaigns, and training material.

Why product videos are so effective for onboarding & training

Your first impression is kind of a big deal. An effective onboarding process will not only help users quickly understand how to use your product, it will clearly communicate the value of your product at the same time. Otherwise, you risk losing 60% of your users to frustration, confusion, and, ultimately, a competitor.

95% of marketers say video helps increase their users’ understanding of their product. Not only that, it conveys value, brand, culture, and product in context. Imagine what your onboarding and training documentation could do if you replaced it with agency-grade video. Now, stop imagining and do it!

Creative ways to leverage video for education

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First impressions are key. Introduce your product, brand, and value all within a 30 second engaging onboarding experience.
Supercharge your onboarding
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Improve your product training experience with modular videos that show step by step walkthroughs in context.
Improve your training
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Add life to your email campaigns with animated gifs that engages your users and drives them back to your product.
Reduce customer frustration

Create compelling onboarding and training videos in 3 steps

With ScreenSpace, creating a 60 second walkthrough video will take you under 45 minutes from start to finish.
Select a device
Start by browsing our library of the latest devices and selecting the one that best fits your product.
Customize the video
Simply drag-and-drop screenshots of your product and customize the devices and background to best tell your story and showcase your product.
Integrate into your pitch
Easily import your MP4 into Keynote or Google Slides - or upload it to Vimeo and include a link in your PDF or DocSend content.

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