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Pitching 101: Evoke emotion, be memorable, incorporate story, clearly show your product, wow your audience. With a professional video you can do all of this and more in less than 30 seconds.

Tell your story and WOW investors with video

So you’re fundraising for your startup. You’ve spent months validating your idea, gathering your financials, and buttoning up your MVP. Now you are faced with the intimidating task of competing with thousands of other startups to win the attention of your target investors.

The numbers themselves will only get you so far. The key is to hit an emotional chord that grabs and holds their attention. Opening with a professionally crafted video pitch can evoke professionalism, passion, excitement, dedication and clearly demonstrate your product & story all within 30 seconds.

Creative ways to leverage video for your fundraising

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Cold Email

Sending an email to hundreds of investors? Embed a Vimeo link to a 15 or 30 second teaser or promo to instantly grab their attention and peak interest.
Spice up your email
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Pitch Deck

Include a vibrant play button on your first slide of your deck to set the tone. Or replace your product page with a 30 second demo video clearly showing your product and value. It'll be a refreshing and entertaining break.
Spice up your deck
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Zoom Calls

Spice up your Zoom presentation by screen-sharing your video presentation before your slide deck. Trust me, it'll be the highlight in their day of back-to-back video calls.
Highlight your presentation

Create a compelling pitch video in 3 steps

With ScreenSpace, you can start and complete your pitch video before finishing your second cup of coffee. I wish I could say the same for your pitch deck.
Select a device
Start by browsing our library of the latest devices and selecting the one that best fits your product.
Customize the video
Simply drag-and-drop screenshots of your product and customize the devices and background to best tell your story and showcase your product.
Integrate into your pitch
Easily import your MP4 into Keynote or Google Slides - or upload it to Vimeo and include a link in your PDF or DocSend content.

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