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In-App Guides Make Users Uncomfortable

I recently attended a webinar hosted by one of the leading product adoption platforms for in-app guides.

No joke, the invitation email read:

"When in-app guides go wrong, and what to do about it"

Next. Next … Next. Please make this 30-step walkthrough end, I need to get some work done!

Does this sound familiar to you? It’s one of the ways using in-app guides can quickly go from timely and helpful to overwhelming and annoying for your users. And there are plenty of others.

Honestly, I couldn't have set up the context for this article any better.

The problem with in-app guides as an onboarding solution is that your users can see everything - and therefore want to play with everything! It's like taking a kid to a toy store but making them hold your hand.

First show them where everything is, build the anticipation, and then let them explore with glowing excitement.

The first impression is critical so your users should be set up for success before they arrive.

The Onboarding Experience Users Love

By presenting a lightweight, interactive product experience before a new user enters your product, they get to first learn how to use your product without feeling that urge to click around or skip.

They can choose their own adventure as they learn how to use your product on their own terms.

The immersive, on-brand experience not only lets them interact with your features, but connects-the-dots to how that feature will improve their lives - getting them even more excited to get started.

Better yet, gamify the experience by providing incentives and rewards for completing a process or discovery a new feature.

After a few seconds they'll know everything they need to know and will be excited to dive in!

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Comparison Cheat Sheet

  • TLDR
  • Immersive choose-your-own-adventure experiences that let users interact with your product and explore value and dynamic content inside a 3D environment.
    Step-by-step guidance that uses in-app tooltips and callouts to help new users learn how to use your product.
  • Applications
  • • All digital products
    • SaaS Only
  • Use Cases
  • • Brand awareness
    • Product excitement
    • Self-service product demos
    • Live demo environments
    • In-app product onboarding
    • Product training
    • More...
    • In-app product onboarding
    • Product training
  • Quality
  • • Always production-quality
    • Guaranteed stability and consistency across experiences
    • Uses reliable high-resolution screen captures
    • Built using state-of-the-art WebGL 3D technology
    • Designed and built by industry-leading 3D and 2D artists
    • Simple pop-ups that overlay onto your product
    • Pop-ups do not accommodate rich, dynamic content
    • Does not add value in respect to quality
  • Time & Resources
  • • No technical or creative experience required
    • 100% drag-and-drop interface
    • Can be completely built and managed by one product marketer
    • Can utilize existing rich content
    • Getting up and running can take less than one hour
    • Requires extensive engineering for integration
    • Getting up and running can take weeks
  • Fallbacks
  • • Invite only... for now!
    • Distracting
    • Frustrating
    • Overwhelming
    • Skip... skip... skip...

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