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Lead prospects to WOW through compelling story and value

Providing a great demo experience is a crucial step to winning deals. After all, it’s your opportunity to connect the dots for your customer and demonstrate product value and how it directly relates to their specific needs.

Reinforced by an analysis from Gong, a great demo experience focuses on your prospect's problems, needs and journey. It shows the end results, the solutions, and how their lives will be better with your product in their hands.

The key to a successful demo: Use the product as the proof point that backs your story and value prop. Not the other way around.

The Feature-Based Live Demo

Using your product itself as the center piece of your sales demo puts the features in the foreground, and value in the background.

It leads to questions like "What does that button do?" or "Can I change how that page is sorted?" Questions that do not move the conversation forward, but only waste time for everyone and ultimately distracts from what really matters: value.

Feature-by-feature walkthroughs rarely lead to 'aha' because they lack emotion and excitement - what drives decision making.

It even puts you, the salesperson, in the mindset of processes and features when you really should be focused on story and getting your prospect to see value.

So how do you stay focused on story and value, while still showing your product to support your claims?

The Story-Based Live Demo

ScreenSpace takes a completely different approach to the live demo experience.

Instead of guiding prospects through features, ScreenSpace lets you guide them through value, brand and story (what drives decision making), while features provide the context and proof to back each claim.

As you walk through your product, rich content is displayed around the screen connecting the dots from each feature to value. Your prospects naturally stay focused on the story while the features provide context and proof.

You and your prospects are now focusing on what drives the conversation towards a sale, as opposed to getting lost in irrelevant detail.

ScreenSpace demos are built using screen captures and our drag-and-drop interface, so customization only takes a few minutes and never requires development or design resources.

Since the interactions through out the demo are captured, you can re-visit any demo in the past to inform future conversations a optimize results.‍

The Interactive Leave-Behind

Your prospect is sold! They loved the demo, they get the value, and now they need to share it with the rest of the team.

The very demo that you used to sell your prospect, can now be delivered as a leave-behind, empowering your prospects to share the story with the rest of the team. In minutes, you can custom tailor the leave-behind and add any additional collateral (PDFs, videos, e-books, etc.) embedded inside the experience and in context of your product.

There is a place for the Feature-Based Demo

Say you have a specific feature that is top priority for a prospect and they need to ensure it functions the way they expect it to.

In these cases, a technical demo showing the feature itself is necessary.

In most other cases, this won't be necessary if they truly resonate with your story and value.
Keep your live demos focused on story and value, all while reducing time before, during, and after your demo call! Request access here.
Introducing Interactive Stories
Your audience has evolved. We're here to help you adapt your sales experience so your new audience can reach that emotional WOW quickly and with zero effort.
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Comparison Cheat Sheet

  • TLDR
  • Immersive choose-your-own-adventure experiences that let users interact with your product and explore value and dynamic content inside a 3D environment.
    Either custom-built demo environments or lightweight product clones used to walk a prospect through the features of a product.
  • Applications
  • • All digital products
    • All digital products
  • Use Cases
  • • Brand awareness
    • Product excitement
    • Self-service product demos
    • Live demo environments
    • In-app product onboarding
    • Product training
    • More...
    • Live demo environments
  • Quality
  • • Always production-quality
    • Guaranteed stability and consistency across experiences
    • Uses reliable high-resolution screen captures
    • Built using state-of-the-art WebGL 3D technology
    • Designed and built by industry-leading 3D and 2D artists
    • Design quality dependent on your product UI
    • Buggy and often unreliable
    • Does not add value in respect to quality
  • Time & Resources
  • • No technical or creative experience required
    • 100% drag-and-drop interface
    • Can be completely built and managed by one product marketer
    • Can utilize existing rich content
    • Getting up and running can take less than one hour
    • Requires some heavy lifting to keep relevant with the actual product
    • Requires engineering resources
    • Getting up and running can take weeks
  • Fallbacks
  • • Invite only... for now!
    • Buggy
    • Customers can easily get distracted by features
    • Does not highlight value
    • Can lead to unnecessarily lengthy demos

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