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Self-Guided Demo Environment
Your buyers are sensitive to claims that sound too good to be true.

Whether your value prop and claims are listed on your website or presented on a sales call, buyers won't believe it unless they experience it for themselves.

But your product is just too complex for a trial. Opening the doors to a fully-functioning demo is just overwhelming and confusing. The features are there, but your prospects can't connect-the-dots back to how it will make their lives better. And they will get distracted by features and processes that are completely irrelevant to their needs.

The "Feature-Based" Demo Environment

Clone-based demo environments such as Reprise, DemoStack, and Navattic attempt to guide your prospects through isolated, interactive demo environments where you can restrict your prospects to features that (you think) matter to them.

The problem: it's a feature-by-feature clone of your product!

Enable all of the features, and it becomes overwhelming and confusing - the very reason you don't offer trials.

Restrict your prospects to only a few features and they will feel confined. Even worse - your prospects will see features they want to explore, but your demo environment will block them, further frustrating and distracting them from understanding the true value of your product.

Your prospects are asking to interact with your product so they can understand its value on their own. What demo environments are giving them is a narrow, confined path they are allowed to walk down. They can look, but maybe sometimes touch.

Imagine how your kids would feel if you let them into a playroom full of brand new toys, and told them they can only play with the truck. That's how your prospects feel in a self-service demo environment.

The first impression of your product is critical. Not just in regards to the technical experience, but the emotional experience.

If your demo environment doesn't excite your prospect and make it feel simple, you will quickly lose opportunities.

So how do you excite your prospects and guide them to that 'wow' moment inside your product, without them feeling confined to a single path, feeling overwhelmed by too many features, or lose sight of why it all matters?

The "Value-Based" Demo Experience

ScreenSpace takes a completely different approach to the self-service demo experience.

Instead of guiding prospects through features, ScreenSpace guides them through value, brand and story - what drives decision making, while features provide the context and proof to back each claim.

This choose-your-own-adventure experience gives your prospects full control over their journey without having the urge to click on features that don't matter.

It keeps your prospects focused, but on a path of their choice.

With our on-brand, 3D, immersive experiences, excitement and engagement is already built in - making your prospects' first experience with your product elevated and enjoyable.

The Future of Sales Enablement

When delivered to a buyer as a warm-up or leave-behind, interactive product experiences don't just serve as a product demo.

The ScreenSpace product experience becomes a mid-funnel landing page - a personalized portal for each prospect where they can explore value in context of your product, engage with additional collateral such as videos, documents, and e-books, and ultimately take action towards conversion.

And you get to track and understand their interactions to help inform further conversations.

Give your customers a self-service demo experience they love! Request access here.
Introducing Interactive Stories
Your audience has evolved. We're here to help you adapt your sales experience so your new audience can reach that emotional WOW quickly and with zero effort.
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Comparison Cheat Sheet

  • TLDR
  • Immersive choose-your-own-adventure experiences that let users interact with your product and explore value and dynamic content inside a 3D environment.
    Lightweight HTML product "clones" that look and act just like your product.
  • Applications
  • • All digital products
    • SaaS Only
  • Use Cases
  • • Brand awareness
    • Product excitement
    • Self-service product demos
    • Live demo environments
    • In-app product onboarding
    • Product training
    • More...
    • Self-service product demos
    • Live demo environments
  • Quality
  • • Always production-quality
    • Guaranteed stability and consistency across experiences
    • Uses reliable high-resolution screen captures
    • Built using state-of-the-art WebGL 3D technology
    • Designed and built by industry-leading 3D and 2D artists
    • Design quality dependent on your product UI
    • HTML replication needs manual modification to reflect actual product
    • Experience is riddled with broken links
    • Not mobile friendly
    • Does not add value in respect to quality
  • Time & Resources
  • • No technical or creative experience required
    • 100% drag-and-drop interface
    • Can be completely built and managed by one product marketer
    • Can utilize existing rich content
    • Getting up and running can take less than one hour
    • Requires some code to ensure 1:1 product consistency
    • Embedding requires engineering resources
    • Requires professional services to get up and running and integrated
    • Getting up and running can take weeks
  • Fallbacks
  • • Invite only... for now!
    • Buggy
    • Riddled with broken links
    • Customers can easily get distracted
    • Does not highlight value
    • Limited in functionality

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