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Open up a new world of possibilities with 3D device videos

Imagine being able to create high-end 3D device videos without having to hire expensive outside help. With just a few clicks, ScreenSpace turns any talented motion designer into a 3D artist — immediately allowing you to offer your clients stunning product videos that out-pace high-end visual effects shops.
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Create your animations with live interactivity using WebGL:
Drag and drop your own screen!
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After Effects Integration
Expand the possibilities by integrating your device renders into your professional workflow using an included 3D After Effects camera.
Alpha Channel Support
Export your videos with embedded alpha using the Apple ProRes 4444 codec for seamless integration into your own environments.

Complete creative control.

ScreenSpace's editor gives you the freedom to effortlessly pull off movements that would take the
most seasoned Cinema 4D artists hours to nail down.

Fast cloud rendering.

Every render is handled by our cloud render farm — guaranteeing lightning-fast processing times without locking you out from your computer or the scene editor.

Work faster than ever.

ScreenSpace's real-time editing interface means creating 3D device videos in a matter of minutes rather than days. Deliver ahead of schedule and under budget.

Unlimited revisions.

Missed a detail in a render or a client needs changes? No problem. You have unlimited render revisions available to you with every premium ScreenSpace plan.

Simple storyboarding.

Pitch clients (or even your team) before ever paying. Render unlimited 1080p still images from any point in your scenes. Free for every ScreenSpace user.
  • "With ScreenSpace I can make launch videos internally that look like they came from the creative teams at Apple or Google. This is a dream come true."
    - Aidan Hornsby, VP Marketing
  • "ScreenSpace is a fraction of the cost of hiring freelance Cinema 4D artists and much faster. I haven’t been this excited using a tool in a long time."
    - Ryan Cressionnie, Creative Director
  • "Our client chose a ScreenSpace proposal over our usual live action quote — and they were blown away when they saw the final product."
    - Nick Miller, Motion Designer

Free Sign-up. Pay-Per-Project Pricing.

Sign-up is free and takes under 30 seconds. Create unlimited scenes, storyboards,
and watermarked renders. Pay only when you have projects that require un-watermarked videos.
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  • Unlimited Renders
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 5 Collaborators Per Project
  • Alpha Support
  • AE Camera Export
  • ProRes 4444 and MP4 Codecs
  • AWS S3 Security & Encryption
  • Chat / Email Support
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Pay Per Project
Pay Per Month
  • Unlimited Renders
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 5 Collaborators Per Project
  • Alpha Support
  • AE Camera Export
  • ProRes 4444 and MP4 Codecs
  • AWS S3 Security & Encryption
  • Chat / Email Support
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For unlimited projects, phone support, enterprise security options, and more, please contact sales.
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Trusted Payment Methods.

We accept a wide range of payment methods, including international.

100% Royalty Free.

Every unwatermarked video or still you create belongs to you. No licensing or royalty fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this replace video editors like After Effects, Final Cut, etc?
    No. ScreenSpace is designed simply to give you broadcast-quality 3D device renders (in industry-standard ProRes 4444 format) that you integrate into your existing projects inside your video editor of choice.
  • Is this an app I download to my computer?
    No. ScreenSpace is designed to work from inside your web browser and completes all renders on our cloud render farm, so no download is required and it works on all desktop platforms.
  • Do you support alpha?
    Yes! You simply select "transparent" as your background within any scene you produce, and you will get back a ProRes 4444 video with an alpha background.
  • How long does a render take to complete?
    In general a render will require 2 minutes for every 1 second of video.
  • Can I keep editing scenes while a render processes in the background?
    Yes! Because every render is sent to our cloud render farm, you are free to continue creating & editing scenes within ScreenSpace no matter how many renders you have submitted. This means you can work faster and get more done.
  • How often are devices added?
    All the time! We generally strive to have new devices inside our editor within two days of public release.
Adam Fanton
Darren Fanton

Built by Creatives

We’ve spent over 10 years specializing in visual effects and motion design for some of America’s top-rated TV shows, including American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, Master Chef, and more. But our passion has always been working in the tech industry.

We built an internal tool that allowed us to streamline the process of creating 3D environments around screen captures, with zero drop in quality. And now those tools are available to everyone through ScreenSpace.