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Empower your team
with scalable product videos.

Effortlessly showcase your apps from product development to release.

Engaging product videos that outpace the top brands.

ScreenSpace enables design teams to effortlessly create production-ready product videos without requiring the expertise of in-house motion teams or outsourced creative agencies. Simply select a smart template (or create your own), customize the design to your brand and render in seconds. No experience required.

In minutes your team will be producing agency-level product videos – in house.

  • Point & Click Platform
  • Award-Winning Creative Services
  • Scalable Solutions

Our ScreenSpace Solutions

We have two solutions: ScreenSpace Platform and ScreenSpace Creative

The Platform

The ScreenSpace Platform enables you and your team to effortlessly produce high-caliber product videos and mockups in real-time all from within your browser – without any prior video experience. The ScreenSpace Render Engine leverages a custom industry-leading cloud-based render farm so your videos are processed quickly, reliably, and consistently every single time. Either create studio-quality product videos from scratch or process them at scale using smart templates.
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Creative Services

Tight on resources? Our award-winning creative team leverages the ScreenSpace Platform to handcraft scalable product videos and templates specific to your brand. Whether you have a one-off project or require ongoing dedicated creative services, we provide full-service solutions ranging from creative direction & script writing to motion design & screen capture to custom CGI animation and live action production. All built to scale.

Videos Built with ScreenSpace

Here are just a few examples of videos produced with ScreenSpace

Agency-level quality standards.

The ScreenSpace Engine is designed by industry-leading professionals using the same meticulous design process used for broadcast commercials and TV. Everything from the lighting & reflections to animation & rendering is carefully perfected, guaranteeing your videos will always look like they came out of Apple’s internal video department.
  • Designed by Award-Winning Artists
  • GPU Accelerated Cloud Render Farm
  • Production Quality 3D Assets

Powerful tools. Simple design.

The ScreenSpace Platform strips away all complexities of 3D animation and video production so your team can focus entirely on creative. Whether you are working with pre-built smart templates or creating a video from scratch, our intuitive real-time interface gives your team the freedom to effortlessly pull off simple or complex videos in seconds. No experience required.
  • Smart Template Library
  • Point-and-Click Interface
  • Real-time Interactivity
  • After Effects Integration

Need a video this afternoon? No problem.

With our real-time interface, your team can create full length product videos in a matter of minutes rather than days. Every render is handled by our cloud render farm — guaranteeing lightning-fast processing times in 2k without locking you out of your computer.
  • Lightning Fast Cloud Rendering
  • Real-time Playback
  • Work While you Render

Product videos that scale.

With just a couple clicks, your designers can swap out screens, devices, and environments as well as render multiple durations and variations using our smart templates. This makes A/B testing, creating additional formats, swapping out updated UI, and building additional content effortless. Videos produced by the ScreenSpace creative team includes all templates and projects, making it easy to scale your videos.
  • Quick Asset Swapping
  • Multiple Duration Smart Templates
  • Simple Project Duplication
  • Unlimited Renders & Revisions

Award-winning creative team.

Need creative assistance? Our team is always available to help with creative questions or create full customized videos just for you. We provide scalable smart templates using the ScreenSpace Platform allowing your team to continuously create variations, edits, and additional visual content in minutes.
  • Custom Tailored Videos
  • Scalable Deliverables
  • Full A to B Production Services
  • Dedicated On-going Creative Team

Seamless integrations.

Want to push it one step further? Expand the possibilities by integrating device renders into a professional workflow using the included 3D After Effects camera and alpha channel support.
  • Add 3D Titles with AE Camera Export
  • Render with Transparent Backgrounds
  • Add Additional 3D Elements
No credit card required

Get started today!

The ScreenSpace Platform includes a 7-day free trial and takes 30 seconds to register. Or schedule a free creative call with our award-winning creative team to start your custom project.

Industry-leading security.

We maintain the highest standards to protect your work.


AWS S3 security and encryption safeguard users’ content and data.


Log-in only sharing and access control ensure that only authorized users can access your media.

Reduce Hard Costs

The rate for an experienced creative agency starts at $2,500/week for one project - and generally requires two to three weeks with revisions. But with ScreenSpace your team can complete unlimited projects in-house in less time for a fraction of that cost.

Frequently Asked Questions